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We started our journey as a bunker and lubricants supplier in 1996. It later on expanded business across ship chandelling, ship spare parts and so on. Now we are one of the largest chandler and bunker supplier in Chittagong and Mongla port. We provide marine fuel and bunkering services to over a thousand vessels. Our long-standing relationships are testimony to our commitment to our clients. Peninsula Marine is a market leading company of Marine Bunkers Trading and Physical Supplies. We are a known premium physical suppliers of marine bunkers in Chittagong and Mongla Sea ports for more than 20 years.

We believe in the concept of 3P’s of perfection, principles and professionalism. We are not just trading bunkers but, we also make sure to fulfill the security and environmental standards preserved by international maritime authorities.

Marine Fuels

Ø  Furnace Oil (FO)

Ø   Marine Diesel Oil (MDO)

Ø  High Spell Diesel (HSD)


Ø  Compressor Oils

Ø  Gear Oils

Ø  Grease

Ø  Hydraulic Oils

Ø  Marine Engine Oils

Ø  Refrigeration Compressor Oils

Ø  Stern Tube Lubricants

Ø  Turbine Oils

Ø  Heat Transfer oils

Ø  Grease