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We also provide technical repair service .Our specialists manage this process through their dedicated multi-disciplined project team, providing a safer, tailored service for both the client from start to finish.


Cleaning, blasting, coating of hull, decks, tanks, etc.

Ultrasonic measurement of thickness, color and magnetic fault detection

Hull repair works - replacement of metal shell plating and metal structures

Propeller and rudder – technical inspection and repair

Thrusters –technical inspection and repair

Sea and overboard valves – technical inspection and repair

Replacement of anode protection

Anchors and anchor chains – technical inspection and repair

Machinery Repair Works 

Main and auxiliary engines – diagnostics, adjustment and repair

Turbines - diagnostics and repair

Combustion equipment - diagnostics, adjustment and repair

Governors - diagnostics, adjustment and repair

Coolers (oil, air and water) - cleaning and repair

Pumps (all types) - repair

Capstans, windlasses and winches (hydraulic and electrical) - repair

Boilers - cleaning, repair and certification

Air conditioning units – prevention and repair

Steering gears (hydraulic and electrical) - repair

Hydraulic cylinders and hydro-manipulators - repair

Cranes and lifting equipment - repair 

Pipelines, Valves and Air Cylinders

Pipelines - repair and replacement

Valves - repair and replacement

Air cylinders - cleaning, certification and repair

General Hull and Deck Repair Works 

Hatches and hatch covers - repair

Mooring arrangement - repair and replacement

Gangways - repair and replacement

 Electrical Equipment

Electrical motors, generators and electrical equipment - maintenance and repair

Automation and measuring instruments - diagnostics and repair

New equipment - installation

Emergency Repairs

We respond rapidly to any emergency situation affecting the vessel’s integrity and provides immediate assistance through a full range 24 hours repair service, such as mechanical works, electrical and electronic repairs, cutting and welding or any other emergency ship repairs to be carried out.